What You Need to Know About the Dukan Diet

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The Dukan diet is one of known diet plans which promises its user to lose about ten pounds in just a span of one week without having to worry about getting it back. Dukan’s dietary rules are a diet regimen which was designed and practiced first by Pierrre Dukan, a Frechh nutritionist and general practitioner who revised this plan back in the 2000. The Dukan diet focused on limiting the consumption of carbohydrates in order to urge your bodies to burn more calories. Lots of water, oat bran, as well as lean protein, and a goof daily twenty-minute walk everyday are some of the central core of the plan. The very essential idea behind this regimen is that people who only eat things that are approved in the plan may eat a limitless amount of foods without having their body gain more as it burns more. This plan includes so little carbs-containing foods and oftentimes, there isn’t any at all.


When you are in this diet regimen, then expect to eat a lot of oat bran and protein during your plan. There’s also several phases that you need to follow in order to complete the plan. The first is the “attack” period which lasts about one until en days. This phase is where you consume al of the lean protein you could possibly handle. As well as about six cups of water every day. The second phase is the “Cruise” step, which may take longer since it is typically done in about a few months. This the step where someone who follows the Dukan diet must add extra oat bran in their weal as well as countless quantities of vegetables which has less starchiness. The third stage is the ”consolidation” step which usually takes about five days for every pounds that you manage to get rid of. This phases is where you can have vegetables servings every day, as well as fruits and about two slices of bread made of whole-grain and one piece of hard cheese. When you are in this phase, you can also have at least one or two celebration meals in which you get to eat anything you want. The last but not least is the stabilization phase, which is all about the weight maintenance. You might eat any food you want except for a day in a week in which you need to follow the guideline of the all-protein guideline in the “Attack step”. This step also requires you to walk at least twenty minutes each day and eat about three tablespoons of oat bran every day. Foods like spices, unsweetened coffee and tea, and sugar-free gum, as well as artificial sweeteners are okay and acceptable. However, as for alcohol, you might need to limit drinking it and you may only have one glass of wine during the stabilization and consolidation process.

Everyone loves snacks, and when you follow this diet, eventually you will need to satisfy your need for snacking. Apples, nuts, grapefruit, and yogurt are some of the best snacks you can have during this regimen. Not only are they healthy, but they can also be very tasty. Are you ready to lose some pounds using the Dukan Diet?


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