What is Mediterranean diet?

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Mediterranean diet is a kind of diet that is based on traditional foods and drinks of the countries enclosing Mediterranean Sea, Spain, Greece, and Southern Italy. The main point of this diet is consuming proportionally of olive oil, fruits and vegetables. If you apply this Mediterranean diet, don’t worry about leaving consuming dairy products, meat, and wine. You can still consume of all those kinds of food and drinks, but remember to consume those foods and drinks in a moderate portion. Moreover, this diet is not only good for losing your weight but also it is good for your health. If you apply this diet, you will also reduce the danger of depression, heart disease and dementia. So, don’t worry about your health if you want to apply this diet.


There are some key components to get success in this kind of diet, some of them are eating mostly plant-based food, substituting butter with healthy fats and consuming fish and poultry at least twice a week. The plant-based foods include fruits, vegetables and grains. However, consuming more fruits and vegetables are always recommended in many kinds of diets, and Mediterranean diet also advises to consume more fruits and vegetables. For, the grains, usually you can get it from the bread. But for doing this diet, don’t eat the bread with butter or margarine. Just eat plain bread or maybe you can dip the bread into olive oil. Besides consuming grains, nuts are also important in Mediterranean diet because nuts contain high healthy fat, high calories. But, remember not to consume nuts in large amounts. You can consume nuts no more than a handful in a day.

To make you know that Mediterranean diet will not make you do not consume fat at all. This diet focuses on healthier fat, so that’s why you are allowed to consume nuts even it contains high fat. It is because nuts contain healthy fats. Besides, healthy fats will not harm your health. Moreover, olive oil has a function as a mainly source of fat for this kind of diet because it contains low fat. This fat will help you to decrease your level of cholesterol in your body. Moreover, the original olive oil will give you an antioxidant effects. Because of this very good effect of consuming olive oil, you should make sure first that the olive you have bought is original. The perfect choosing of the food is the main key of Mediterranean diet.


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