Tips to get quick weight loss within reducing food portion

Dieting is one of serious problem to do especially for people who are having big body. Most of them know that diet can be done by reducing to eat but actually. It's false mind of them. Doing a diet can be done by eating foods which contain low fat such as in this article 9 Best Foods on Dieting. Doing diet and eating enough foods being a dream of everyone.


The other alternative way to do diet is doing an exercise to burn our fat and turn it into energy. In this way, it can help you doing best diet and still eating some foods. The other people's mind is having a little rest can help someone get diet. It might be true but think for a second about your condition. Lack of rest can trigger some disease on your body. If you want to do this, just do an exercise after that you can take enough rest within getting fat as the fat was burn on the exercise before.

If you're lack of time doing an exercise, you can choose the second choice where you can go to gym and make a schedule of your gym. You can do scheduling with 3 days exercise and 1 day off. Remember that your muscle need to relax for a short time to do a recovery. If you often do gym within relaxing your muscle. It can be dangerous for your muscle.

Jogging is one of best method for someone who want to do diet but you need to consider the time of your jogging. Jogging should be done on 9AM above which the sun is on the quarter of the sky and the weather is quite warm. If you do jogging in the early morning. Ofc, it won't happen anything as the metabolism of your fat won't be burn perfectly.

So, in the conclusion, if you do a diet. Don't think that it can be done by reducing your food portion. Remove this bad habbit from your mind. If you try to understand your metabolism process. Fat is one of important part to produce energy on your body and it source from foods which is eaten by us. Don't be afraid of foods which contain fat, we can have the alternative to change it into energy and use it for our daily activity. So, will you still keep your bad habbit of reducing your food portion in order to get diet?. Consider it by yourself.


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