The Food Combining and the Healthy Detox Diet

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The detox diet can be all you need to do and of course you have to find the ideas for dealing with the better health by the right detox. Of course, what you eat will affect much to your health and that will also be great to help you on dealing with the body detox for the cleaned body and also organ. Of course, that is especially for your digestion and even your vital organ as like liver. Actually, you might find a lot of methods which might be able to choose with a lot of various ways which are applied. However, finding the effective yet great one which is good to detoxify your body, you will get the perfect yet satisfying result. That is a good thing to obtain and you can go getting the right method which is really healthy, for example by eating clean. One of the ideas is by applying a proper foods combining method. That is a popular way for detoxifying the body.


Food combining is already well known and really popular. Many of you are already familiar with such this kind of diet. It is said to be listed as a detox diet. That is because it helps the body to set in a natural yet best condition. That can be done by consuming healthy yet natural foods in the best way. The best way here means combining the foods in such a right way, for example for not to combine the fruits with vegetable. Then, for the detoxifying point, right after you woke up in the morning you need to consume the fresh lemon juice which is blended with warm water. Consume it without sugar every morning before you eat anything. It play a great role on detoxifying your digestion and also liver.

There are some basic rules to know about food combining which can be effective as the detox diet. After the lemon water time, about an hour you can take your breakfast by consuming fruits. Eat fruits every two hours until your lunch time. Then after about a half of your last fruit consumption, you can enjoy your lunch. The rules for what to eat are you could not combine carbohydrate to protein from animal. However, you can still combine vegetable and carbohydrate or vegetable and protein (both from the animal or vegetable). Those are the basic rules of the food combining. Then, in the afternoon, you can enjoy tea and nuts as the snack. Then, before sleeping, consuming the vegetable juice or smoothies will be such a good idea for your healthy detox diet.


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