The Amazing Result of the Unique HCG Diet

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Perhaps, you feel really curious about hcg diet since many people are talking about that kind of diet. Of course, many of us have been heard about the hcg. It stands for human chorionic gonadotropin which often is produced when a woman is pregnant since it is produced by the placenta. If many people think that the diet of HCG is applied by the injection of hcg which is obtained from the pregnant women’s urine, of course it is truly wrong since the HCG which is used in the diet is truly the synthetic HCG which is the same as the HCG which is used for the fertility treatment but in the lower dosage. It will be injected commonly as a way to lose the weight effectively. It is said and believed that this kind of diet is really effective to lose the weight effectively. Even, it can help us losing the weight from 1.2 kg until 2 kilogram per day. That is completely amazing to be true and perhaps is you are stuck finding the way to lose your weight, trying this kind of diet is worth a try.


Of course, if you are interested in having such this kind of diet, you need to discuss it to your doctor. Having a discussion related to this kind of diet will be really essential. Make sure that you go to the real doctor who is already experienced to get such the injection. Of course, the doctor will require you to do the blood check. From the result, they will observe the result in order to deal with the next procedure of the HCG injection. Of course, before you decide to choose the hcg diet as your effort to lose the weight, of course you need to find much information about that first. So, you will know about it first before taking an action.

What to Consider?

In order to get the perfect yet satisfying result, you need to maintain your diet to be much better. there are also some foods which you need to avoid in the HCG diet. You can still consume lemon juice. However, you could not consume milk, butter, and also salad dressing. Consuming much fresh water at least two liters a day is important. Bread and fruits can still be consumed in a limited amount only. You also need to stop any medication or cosmetic except lipstick, eye brow pencil, and also face powder. 500-calorie diet needs to be applied carefully. To replace meat, you also can consume about 100gr of cheese. Protein can be obtained from the egg white too. Those are the basic rules of hcg diet that you need to deal with.


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