Protein is the power of diet

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Who doesn't know about protein? but do you know that high protein could help you doing your diet program successful?. In this article, I'll share protein function on doing diet as it's really powerful to get successful on your diet program. I will share about what kind of foods which serve lot of protein, the important of protein on doing diet.


Does anyone know what the function of protein?. I think this is the main question, why I write for "Protein is the power of diet". Basically, dieting is limited carb level on our body. Then it can also affect our insulin level which leads our body to produce more glucagon as we have low carb and insulin level beside of having high protein level. If we have this element, of course our fat can be burned as well because low carb will help you to burn fat and turn it into energy, if you have lot of carb level on your body. It will be difficult to burn our fat as our carb will be used first as the material of the energy.

So, what kind of food which are best for you?. Of course everyone want to know it especially for someone who is on diet program. Remember that not all food is best to you. Because we need to filter it and make our eating plan as well. For example, if you want to get high protein food. You can eat fish, poultry, red meat, low fat cheese, eggs and tofu. Beside of that, you can do combining for the vegetables such as tomatoes, brocolli, green beans, eggplant, peppers, asparagus, celery, cucumber, mushrooms and other leafy green vegetables.

In the conclusion, protein is the best way for someone who want to do diet. Not all food which you think are bad. Maybe some of them could have high protein. Actually, doing diet is quite simple, you just need to avoid food which contain high fat, carb, and sugar. If we have low insulin level it can leads our body to produce glucagon then it can help us burn our fat. If you think doing diet is only by eating vegetables and fruit. You're actually wrong, because we still have some food like eggs, fish and the others which have high protein and can help us doing diet.


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