Protein Diet for Vegan and Vegetarian

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protein diet maybe will not be difficult thing to do because people are pretty familiar with the common protein source especially meat. Nevertheless, protein source which is great for diet does not only come from meat. There are other great protein sources which are more than just meat. Of course it means that the protein sources will be friendlier for vegan and vegetarian. Protein becomes great foods for diet because it will be digested for longer time. It means that people can feel fuller. Compared to carbohydrate, protein is also low in calories. There are some great protein sources for vegan and vegetarian.


When people are talking about the foods for vegetarian which is great for protein sources, the foods from legume family surely will be great option. Of course people can also make sure that green peas will also be great source of protein. 7.9 grams of protein can be found in every cup of green peas. People can choose green peas but if they do not like it, they can try to mix it into pesto. People can create favorite meal without meal by blending the frozen green peas with fresh mint, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, and toasted pine nuts for adding the linguine.

Next great food for protein diet which can be found is quinoa. It is sure that this becomes the new super food which people know recently. Unlike the most grains which contain small amount of protein, people can find eight grams of protein in every cup of quinoa. It is not the end of the great nutrient from this seed because people will also find nine essential amino acids. It is very versatile since people can add it into the vegetarian chili or soup. It can also be served in the breakfast cereal with fruit and brown sugar.

Everybody loves nut butter and people will find that nut becomes the great source of healthy fat as well as protein. People just need to choose their favorite nut for getting the best protein source for vegan or vegetarian from almonds to pistachio. 5-6 grams of protein can be found every ounce of the nut. People just need to choose the raw or dry roasted nut varieties. When people choose the nut butter, they have to choose the product with as few ingredients as possible. The nut butter with a lot of sugar addition or hydrogenated oil should be avoided for protein diet.


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