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Dash diet is one of the types of diet that become more popular nowadays. Based on that’s name, it is known that this kind of diet is promoted to prevent and control hypertension. By applying this kind of diet, you can reduce your blood pressure in just two weeks. This kind of diet highlight on the size of the food portion, a variety food, and the right amount of nutrients. Those focuses of dash diet will help you in lowering the blood pressure. Besides, lowering the blood pressure, this kind of diet will help you to prevent osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. That’s all because this diet offers a health way of eating. And for you who are trying to lose your weight, this diet also good for you. Doing this dash diet will make you get used to consume healthy meals and snacks so by the time, you can also lose your weight if you want.

We know that this diet is classified into two types, the first is standard one and the second is the lower sodium one. If you want to do the first kind of dash diet, standard dash diet, you should consume no more than 2 g of sodium in a day. But, if you want to do the second one, lower sodium das diet, you should eat no more than 1,5 g of sodium in a day. Those two kinds of dash diet have the similarity that is stressing on consuming vegetables, fruits, low dairy foods and focusing on reducing the amount of sodium. You can select the one that suits you the best. If you are not sure enough how much sodium that you need a day, you can consult first to your doctor before taking one of these kinds of diet.

Besides encouraging you to consume vegetables and fruits, dash diet encourage you to consume some fish, poultry and legumes. The main point for this diet is low in soaked fat and fat. It is better for you to focus on whole grains because they contain good nutrients and fiber for you rather than the refined grain. It is also better for you to choose brown rice rather than white rice, whole-wheat pasta rather than regular pasta, whole grain bread rather than white bread. And if you have already prepared some food that contain grain, please get certain if you don’t eat them with butter, cream, cheese or sauces. You should eat plain grain to get what you want from dash diet.


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