Is It Safe to Do HCG Diet?

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Is possible that you can take a natural hormone, that is present during pregnancy, and be able to lose weight more effectively. This is the main promise that comes with the hCG diet. The diet is actually named after the hormone. hCG goes ahead to claim, if you take less calories the hormone is able to increase the rate of metabolism. It means that you will lose more weight.


Most experts say that, any low carb diet can help anyone lose weight. Most studies have shown that hCG has almost nothing to do with that. This diet limits you to a maximum calorie intake of 500 daily for the next two months. Then you have to take hCG hormone. This can be done by taking a shot or consuming homeopathic products – sprays and oral drops.

Most of these products are not approved by FDA. However the shots are legal if they are given by a doctor or a medical care provider. The shots are also known to treat some fertility conditions in some women. Homeopathic products that you buy over the counter are not legal. There are even warning letters addressed to all companies that are marketing the products.

If you commit to the hCG diet, you will not be eating much. The diets recommends that you take 2 meals every day – dinner and lunch. Each meal you take should contain: one vegetable, one fruit, one proteins and one bread. For a fruit you can choose an apple or an orange. You can grill or boil chicken or beef and choose from the wildly available vegetables.

Reviewers has classified the level of effort as high. It means that you will have to put a lot of commitment to maintain an eating habit of less than 500 calories a day. With such a diet, it is very hard to get all nutrients and vitamins that the body needs. If you get less than 1200 calories daily, it is very hard to get all the vital minerals and vitamins.

People who follow the diet claim that anyone can commit to it. This does not mean it is fully safe. The diet claim that vegetarians need to increase their skim milk intake because they will not be getting enough proteins from meat. The diet contains dairy hence not suitable for a vegan. The diet is also not gluten-free.


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