Healthy Meals for Low Carb Diet

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ow carb diet is chosen because people believe that carbohydrate becomes the culprit of their extra weight body. In fact, people need carbohydrate which becomes crucial source for calorie. Calorie will be used as energy source in the body but people usually takes too much carbohydrate so the calorie will be transformed into fat in the body. Carbohydrate is also slow to digest so people will feel hungry faster. It can build craving for eating more and it is not good option for their diet. Low carbohydrate diet sounds suffering but there are some great and healthy meals which can be friendly for this diet.

  • Vegetables and Eggs which is Fried in Coconut Oil

People can fry eggs and vegetables in coconut oil for their breakfast. They will find it delicious although they eat it as breakfast for every single day. It is easy to make and more importantly this meal will help them feel full longer. For making this low carb diet friendly meal, they have to prepare the ingredients including coconut oil, spices, frozen vegetable mix, spinach, and also eggs. The coconut oil can be added on to the frying pan until it is heated up then they can add the vegetables. Next, they should 3-4 eggs into the frying pans and also the spices. Spice mix can be great flavor addition for the foods but people will also find great result with just salt and pepper. They can also add spinach. The mix should be stirred fry until it is ready to serve.

  • Grilled Chicken Wings with Vegetables and Salsa

People can also make this meal as their favorite meal which is friendly to the low carbohydrate diet. They can also find extra fun since they eat the meat off the bone. For cooking this simple meal, they have to prepare the ingredients including chicken wings, spices, salsa, and also vegetables. Spice mix can be used for adding the spice to the chicken. The spiced chicken can be inserted into the oven at 180-200 degree Celsius for approximately 40 minutes. The chicken should be left in the oven until they find it brown with crunchy texture. The grilled chicken can be served with some vegetables mix as well as salsa for very healthy meal. People will not find the carbohydrate source in this meal so there is no question that this can be great recipe which people should try if they follow low carb diet.


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