9 Best Foods on Dieting

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Have you ever known about what kind of top foods which are good on dieting?. Can you imagine one of them?. In this post, I'll share about 9 foods which are good in dieting. Have a good body is everyone's dream especially for women who want to have good body but do they know how to do best diet?. Do they think that is getting diet can be done by not eating any foods or reducing to eat. Neither these way are true.

Best tips to do diet is having good foods to eat everyday. So you can eat normally and get slim body. Do you want to have it?. If you do, let's check out what kind of foods which are best on dieting below!.

  • Beans


Beans are the great source of protein which has high fiber and slow to digest. Eating beans will make you feel full in long time period and help someone who always get hungry everytime

  • Soup


Ofc, everyone know about this kind food but remember that you have to eat a cup of soup which contain lot of vegetables. Try to avoid eating the meat in the soup

  • Dark Chocolate


It's really good for someone who want to do diet but they don't want to stop eating this delicious snack. You can pick a square or two of dark over the milky version. It can help you feel full just like beans

  • Pureed Vegetables


Add more veggies on each your foods try to cut back on the calories you're eating. Best pureed food according to Penn State researches are cauliflower and zucchini to mac and cheese. You can start consuming them to be your diet menus.

  • Eggs and Sausage


In a study of obese young women who eat this food. They will feel more full then the other who don't eat. The Women who eat a 350 calorie breakfast usually will feel full in long period just like this food which are low fat.

  • Nuts


Though some people don't like eating nuts but it can be diet menu for you. You can start consume almonds, peanuts, walnuts or pecans as your diet food because they're really good to keep your hungry level and the best thing that they are good on producing energy.

  • Apples


Apples is one of diet foods to be chosen. You can turn the apple into apple juice which contain lot of carbohidrate and low fat.

  • Yogurt


This is the best one of popular diet food among many people. Usually, most people start consuming this food to do dieting. According to a harvard study, more than 80 % people who do diet. Eat yogurt everyday as it can help them feel full in long time period.

  • Grapefruit


Grapefruit is really help you shed punds especially if you're at risk of diabetes. According to the reseraches at Scripps Clinic in San Diego. They found that when obese people ate half of grapefruit before meal. It help them dropped an average of 3 pounds over 12 weeks. Drinking grapefruit drink is also the alternative way rather than eating the grapefruit. The best thing of this fruit, it can help doing fat burning process as well.

So what do you think after knowing those 9 top diet foods above?. Will you try to consume some of them everyday?. If you will, try to make it creative if you don't want to get bored eating them all everyday. I wish you can be success on your diet program and this article can be helpful for you. 🙂


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