4 Recommended Menu of Low Fat Diet

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Low fat diet does not mean that you do not consume all kinds of food having fat content at all. It needs to remember that a healthy body requires the function of fat. Fat in the body can be source of energy in order to do some busy activities. Every day, you have to get the fat assumption around 30 to 35 fats from calorie total. When you take this diet program, it is demanded to prevent some saturated-fat food kinds. Here are some recommended food menus of low fat diet.

  • Tofu

Tofu is a kind of food produced from soybean. It has some good benefits for the body health because it has high nutrition and vitamins for body. It contains high vegetable protein, low fat and complete amino acid composition. In addition, it is regarded to have high digestibility in the body around 85 to 98 percent. If it is compared to fishes, meat, and eggs, tofu extremely has content of lower nutrition than those food types. But, it is relatively effective to lose weight in affordable cost. It has become the favorite food menu to replace the animal protein. Despite of that, tofu is believed to prevent some health disturbances like heart attack, obesity, diabetes and able to increase the energy in the body. It is right to be food for running low fat diet.

  • Whey Pasta

Whey is one of grain types consumed by society for being primary meal. It has been the menu of food. One of those food menus is pasta. Whey pasta usually has sweet taste. In addition, it contains high fiber content, low fat, rich of vitamins, mineral, folate and easy to digest. Because of easy digestion, it can be a food menu to consume when you did a low fat diet program. Protein and iron contained in past are able to be antioxidant and can fight for free radical. Whey pasta is claimed to prevent some chronic diseases and lose weight. That is why it is often included in menu of low fat diet.

  • Baked Potatoes

Potato becomes the most consumed food being snack or primary meal for people. It contains high nutrition so that it is healthy for body health. Moreover, potato is low fat and rich of vitamin C to keep body immune system, skin and heart. Despite of the nutrition, it is also rich of some kinds of nutrition like vitamin B6, potassium, iron, carbohydrate and fibers to help digestive system. This becomes better menu of low fat diet if it is served in the form of baked potatoes.

  • Honey

Honey is thick liquid tasting sweet from bees. It has some benefits for the body health. It contains carbohydrate, glucose, fructose, and antioxidant. It can be an antibiotic to handle some health problems like weight loss, increasing body health and many more. It is appropriate for being low fat diet food. Those are some kinds of recommended food menus in low fat diet program.


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